Friday, May 14, 2010

How can some nail technicians got their professional nails license when they are not even speak English?

they do not need to speak English to take the test.... the 1st half of the test written and it comes in many languages and the second half is actually doing nails... and you are not allowed to speak during that..... but i do know how you feel when they talk and you have no clue what they are saying.How can some nail technicians got their professional nails license when they are not even speak English?
what language are you speaking?How can some nail technicians got their professional nails license when they are not even speak English?
They give the test in their own language. They have an interpeter.
You are not even speak English either!
The tests are given in many languages....the result of not having an ';official language';.

I say to them, ';Please speak English.'; If they do not...then no tip at all. Sorry, but the Great Melting Pot is for Melting....Either join us or go back home.
Does it really matter as long as they are proficient at their job.
Oh I hate it when they talk to each other and laugh, I feel like they're talking about me or something! Freaks me out :l

How do i get my nails stronger?

my finger nails are always filimsy and break every two seconds i can never get them to grow, anny suggestions?How do i get my nails stronger?
Take GNC UltraNourishair vitamins. They really have helped with my nails!How do i get my nails stronger?
i'll be looking forward to see these answers because I have the same problem!
Take hair and nail vitamens.

Also if you put like a clear coat of nail polish on it might work.
You should either take multivitamins or eat a lot of fish for the omega 3 fatty acids . :D
Welcome to my world. :( Certain vitamins are great for your nails so take a multivitamin every day. Using any ol' clear nailpolish does NOT work - in fact, it will restrict your nails from breathing without giving benefit. My sister just introduced me to OPI's Nail Envy product. It is pricey but DEFINITELY worth it. I could feel the difference just putting it on. My nails felt stronger and it lasts a long time.
sally hansen, my great grandma has sworn by it and it's been passed down since her. it's amazing.

How can I grow my nails?

My nails are really short and i wanna grow them. Any tips???How can I grow my nails?
I know this sounds counter productive, but if you file them a bit everyday, the friction will cause your body to make them grow faster. I would also suggest that you buy a nail strengthener, so when they do grow, they won't break as easily!How can I grow my nails?
Nails are made out of keratin. I found that taking pre-natal vitamins helped me during my pregnancy. They have vitamins that say that they help, but I have not tried them. Keep them polished even if only clear, this helps me prevent chipping and peeling. Good Luck!
there are nail polishes made specifically for maximum nail growth, enhanced with vitamins, like sally hanson nail growth miracle. if you look at any drug store or walmart, they will have diff brands to choose from.
hair,skin, and nails vitamins from nutrilite they're like 15 bucks for 30 days all natural satisfaction guarantee.
do this i heard it helps if u tap your fingers on a dest or table top. it stimulates the blood in nail bed to grow.
dont cut them and keep them even if u want to grow them faster u know drink milk and water
Paint them, file them, keep them strong %26amp; you should be good.

Be patience (:
If you put them in water, the more chlorine the better!
They sell vitamins for nails at the store help them grow. Why is your name jenn o?
green tea clear nail polish it works really good for mine and u can buy it at any drugstore

Don't cut them for a while
just dont cut or bite them

How to take off solar nails?

I had never had my nails done. I've had my nails for about two weeks but at work I do alot of work with my hands so my nails are beginning to come off so I wanna go ahead and take them off. I don't wanna have to pay some one to take them off so I would appreciate it if someone would tell me how I can do it myself.How to take off solar nails?
If you can get hold of pure acetone, use that. You can either put it in 2 bowls and soak your fingers in it until it dissolves... but beware this can take some time.

Or you can soak a cotton wool ball in it for each finger and place over the nail, then secure and cover the finger tip and cotton wool ball with tin foil. this helps to keep the heat in, speeding up the process. this should only take 20 mins at the most.

If you can heat up a towel to place over your hands whilst waiting, this will help even more.How to take off solar nails?
try soaking them in acetone polish remover. it should help to soften them to remove more easily without as much damage to the natural nail
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  • How do i get my nails to be white at the ends?

    i already drink lots of milk but they ar clear, how do i get them white at the ends naturally?How do i get my nails to be white at the ends?
    get a bowl and some of the little lemon containers. Pour the lemon in the bowl and soak your nails in it. After they have dried naturally, wash your hands and use hand cream on your hands. It worked for me.How do i get my nails to be white at the ends?
    They get pretty darn white %26amp; no you don't dilute it. It may take a week or two to work. Good luck and God Bless my friend

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    get a french manicure
    They sell a pencil at the drugstore to apply under the nail tip, about two dollars. I've used it and it last throughout the day.
    French tips. It's a manicure.
    make sure you clean em out good and manicure them..or if you are going for the unnatural route i would say get fakes nails or color your nails white.
    i dont know...i dont think they are suppose to be naturally super white any nail tips look like a frosted clear
    you dont it is impossible...go get a french manicure.
    No persons nails are paper white, usually you should add water to your diet as well decrease the amount of red meat if not eliminate it. Also put fruits and veggies in your diet i would say after a month you should notice a change in the color. Your nails are a product of the things in your body, nails are just dead cells.
    go get your nails a French manicure.
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    How can I get long nails?

    My nails are very weak

    I don't bite them or anything

    Just that every time they start to grow they break.

    Any suggestions on how to get my nails to grow long.

    P.S. The first person to give me a good answer gets 10 points :-)How can I get long nails?
    Don't bite your nails and put some nail hardner on : ) when your nails start to getout of shape file them slightly.

    hope this helps! good luck xoxoHow can I get long nails?
    Take 5mg of Biotin everyday.

    How do I ';unstain'; my nails?

    I wore a dark, cheap nail polish and I used nail polish remover to take it off, but the color ended up staining my nails. It's been a day already, and it's still stained and ugly. Is there any way I can ';unstain'; them? I washed my hands several times and I went over my nails again with the remover...How do I ';unstain'; my nails?
    Try soaking in lemon juice or a little bleach mixed with water in a bowl. Always wear some kind of primer before using a dark color on your nails.