Monday, May 10, 2010

Why are my nails are really soft?

My nails are really soft, I don't bite them or anything. They do grow but I have to be careful not to break them they are as soft as butter! They bend really easily and they chip all the time. How can I get them firmer?Why are my nails are really soft?
your nails are soft because you need more calcium

to get them firmer you need to eat and drink thing with more calcium for example drinking a glass of milk every dayWhy are my nails are really soft?
take a daily vitamin eat more fresh fruits and vegs.
sally hansen as tough as nails nail polish
same problem, I use Sally Hansen clear nail polish with gelatin and that helps, but you can buy ';gelatin'; for oral consumption, it takes about 3 moths to fully work, but it will make your nails (and hair) grow faster and stronger

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